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Lisa Bowes

A pioneer in sports broadcasting, Lisa Bowes is an award-winning journalist and media consultant based in Calgary, Alberta. As a Kinesiology graduate from Western University, she is a passionate advocate for youth physical activity and reading literacy.

Following the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, where she covered women’s hockey, Lisa began work on the best selling “Lucy Tries Sports” book series, which encourages children to be active and persevere.  Ms. Bowes is a sought after public speaker and offers school visits, ECE workshops and emcee services upon request.

“Thank you so much for presenting to our Muskoka Early Years Community. The presentation was very well received, with some of our participants describing it as inspirational, wonderful, exciting, passionate, and simply great. You have an easy manner of commending the room. You also possess a great sense of humor. All these qualities make you a top-notch presenter. Once again, thank you for your time, energy and dedication to inspire physical activity in our children.”Kasia Oxley RECE HBSW RSW Children’s Services Community Facilitator

James Hearne

James Hearne lives in Calgary, Alberta, and specializes in app, magazine and book illustration. For more information, visit